Please i need good flash for phone monsioned Hxmobile GALAXY have cpu msw8533c

hear this log with gpg dragon

VCC Pin:10, 11, 12,
GND Pin:1, 9,
Signal Pin:3, 4, 5, 6, 8,
>>> Scanning Mobile PinOut...
>>> USB Pinfind No need Hold Mobile Power key...
USB Pin Out: D+:5 D-:6
>>> Searching Mstar Driver...
For Mstar 853XB CPU;You need Hold Down the Power KEY.
Find Mstar DriverF:\ --> GCREADER
CPU Name:MSW8533C
Connecting Mstar CPU of the Mobile....
>>> Downloading First Boot...
>>> Downloading Second Boot...
BOOT version: 0x050618
Mobile RAM: 0x02000000
Flash ID:0x000098D1
Flash Size:0x08000000 -> 128M